Education: Goals and Objectives

  • Create a hands-on Professional Development Activity for K-12
    teachers and associated curricula for students
  • Provide educational outreach through lectures, free educational
    materials, and collaborations with other organizations and institutions
  • Promote and encourage active stewardship of the marine environment
    through education and hands-on activities

Online Educational Materials

We have great educational content freely available on our PacMam YouTube channelClick and subscribe now to be notified of our ever-expanding selection of fun, informative videos.

Alternatively, click on the links below to download free educational materials from Pacific Mammal Research.  You can use these with kids, students, or just to learn more about the marine mammals living in the Salish Sea area and PacMam’s work to study them.  Something else you’d like to see here?  Let us know!  Email:

Porpoises vs. Dolphins Differences

Phocids vs Otariids Differences

PacMam Leaflet