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Happy Dolphin Day!Happy National Dolphin Day!
It's wild to think we have dolphins here in the cool waters of the Pacific Northwest, but we have quite a few and one species, in particular, you might think is a whale of a dolphin! Next time you’re on the water, keep an eye out for killer whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, Northern right whale dolphins, short-beaked common dolphins, striped dolphins, and bottlenose dolphins!

#FunDolphinFact: they have layers in their teeth and scientist have discovered you can use them to tell their age, similar to counting the rings of a tree trunk! This image from the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program shows a 3 year old dolphin’s tooth with the layers clearly marked. Learn more on their website here:

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Along with spotting a couple of harbor seals in the water, we also had this interesting find at the sand dunes trail at West Beach, Deception Pass State Park- this Douglas fir is over 850 years old! #pacmam #seal #trees #oldgrowth #naturephotography #adventures #alwayslearning ...

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Spring!!! It's finally official, the wild flowers are blooming in the field. #pacmam #research #wildflowers #spring #springflowers ...

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