We Need Your Help – Send Us Your Photos And Sighting Information!

If you’re out and happen to see harbor porpoises or harbor seals, let us know!  We need your help to build a better picture of where harbor porpoises and harbor seals are going in the Salish Sea.

  1. If you can, snap a picture and send it to us. This can be tricky, but if you manage it we might even be able to identify the animals you saw!
  2. Send information on the date, time, and location you were in when you saw the animals.
  3. Let us know if you saw the porpoises/seals doing any specific behaviors (e.g. wake-surfing, foraging, etc.)

Send your photos and/or sighting information to us via email at cindy.elliser@pacmam.org or katrina.maciver@pacmam.org.


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