Our next virtual Citizen Scientist Training event will be held in October 2021!  

If you are interested in attending the next training, please mail us to register your interest: cindy.elliser@pacmam.org.

Contact us today to learn how you can become a Citizen Scientist and help us build a better picture of where harbor porpoises and harbor seals are going in the Salish Sea.

Becoming a Citizen Scientist is a great way to get involved in our research while working to your own schedule! If you are interested in becoming a Citizen Scientist and would like to know more, please email us (cindy.elliser@pacmam.org) or call (360-202-2860). Starting in 2021 we will be holding formal Citizen Scientist Training sessions. Through these formal trainings we aim to provide all our Citizen Scientists with the tools and knowledge to conduct sightings on their own with confidence.

Want a head start!? Download our Citizen Scientist sighting sheet* to see what sort of information we collect and familiarize yourself with our datasheets. You may also find it helpful to watch our step-by-step Citizen Scientist Training Video where Research Director Dr. Cindy Elliser walks you through how to fill out your Sighting Sheet.

*If you are observing at our primary field location of Burrows Pass, Washington Park (Anacortes), download this sheet which is specifically for that location.

Basic Instructions for Recording Marine Mammal Sightings:

  1. If you can, snap a picture. This can be tricky, but if you manage it we might even be able to identify the animals you saw!
  2. Take note of the date, time, and location where you saw the animals. Make sure to record the species of animal you saw.
  3. Record environmental conditions at the time of the sighting if possible (e.g. temperature, sun/cloud cover, sea state, tidal state, etc.)
  4. Note whether the porpoises or seals you observed were engaged in any specific behaviors (e.g. wake-surfing, foraging, etc.).
  5. If you can, estimate numbers of porpoises or seals observed.

Once your observation is complete, send your photos and/or sighting information to us via email at cindy.elliser@pacmam.org


Current Citizen Science Locations:

Anacortes, WA

Port Townsend, WA