Education Goals & Objectives

  • Provide educational outreach through lectures, free educational materials, and collaborations with other organizations and institutions.
  • Promote and encourage active stewardship of the marine environment through education and hands-on activities.
  • Create a hands-on professional development activity for K-12 teachers and associated curricula for students.

Free Educational Resources

Check out lots of fun educational content on our YouTube Channel! Click and subscribe to be notified when we post more of our fun, informative videos.

Listen to the PacMam Podcast where we discuss current scientific issues, dive into learning about different marine mammals, and learn about different areas of environmental science through interviews.

Read more about marine mammals, our team, and other fun updates on our blog!

Learn how to safely observe marine mammals in the wild! Check out these tips to make sure you’re in compliance with regulations, don’t impact the animals, and still have a great viewing experience.

At Home

Home Experiments

Try these fun hands-on activities at home (or in the classroom). Great for students, teachers, and families!

Home Experiment: Osmosis

Home Experiment: Surface Tension

Home Experiment: Strawberry DNA

Downloadable Resources

For Teachers

STEM Clock Hours: Pacific Mammal Research is an accredited Clock Hour Provider for teachers. We hold regular STEM Clock Hour workshops to provide teachers and educators with continuing education credits in a hands-on, engaging way.

Download our 2022 Clock Hour Workshops flyer here:

Interested in PacMam giving a talk to your class? Get in touch!

Workshops & Events

We offer a wide variety of educational talks, presentations, job-shadow opportunities and workshops for all ages.

Would you like us to present to your group, organization, or event? Let us know!

Find out more about our upcoming events in the community.