Yesterday we showed you the eagle... today is a harbor porpoise that we think was chasing (and maybe caught) a large fish. Unfortunately they don't fly right over our heads like the eagle did for us to see what they caught.

Another cool thing about this photo is that you can see the porpoise's eye above the water.

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Dinner anyone? We saw this Bald Eagle fishing while we were observing some porpoises, then it came right over our heads with its catch!

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Bigg's update!Spring and Summer 2020 Bigg’s Killer Whale Population Update from Jared Towers:

"The Bigg’s killer whale population is listed as Threatened in Canada. Population censusing by photo-identification is a key research activity outlined in the action plan for Bigg’s killer whales (Fisheries and Ocean Canada 2016) and has been conducted on the Bigg’s population each year since 1974. Since then, the Bigg’s killer whale population in Canada has undertaken significant growth due to immigration, low mortality, and high rates of reproduction that are presumably correlated with increased prey availability. At the end of 2018 the subset of the population most often found in coastal waters totaled 349 individuals and had grown at an average rate of 4.1% per year since 2012 (Towers et al. 2019). The following list provides names of individuals confirmed to have been born as well as those presumed deceased since the last update provided on March 31, 2020. Population updates will continue to be provided on a quarterly basis.
T069D3 (born 2020)
T038A2 (born 2020)
T068C5 (born 2020)
T102 (presumed dead Sept 17 2020)"

To download the PDF of the July 2019 Bigg's catalogue, click's_Killer_Whales_known_from_Coastal_Waters_of_British_Columbia_Canada

Whale in photo: T102 in 2008 near Telegraph Cove. He was born around 1984.

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