See a harbor porpoise? Let us know quickly and efficiently using this app!

That’s right, you can now report your harbor porpoise sightings to us directly from your phone! Using an app called Epicollect5, hosted by Imperial College London, you can now report sightings from your boat, ferry, land, kayak, or wherever you are. Here’s how!

Check out the easiest way to report your harbor porpoise sightings using Epicollect5!

App Instructions:

● Download the Epicollect5 app to your device and open it. The app is completely free to download and use.
● Tap [Add Project], type in the phrase “PacMam Harbor Porpoise“, and select it. It will now be available on your device whenever you want to report a porpoise sighting.
● Whenever you see a harbor porpoise, open Epicollect5 on your device, select “PacMam Harbor Porpoise” from the list of projects, and answer the short list of questions that appear on your display. These should only about 30-seconds to a minute to complete.
● At the end of these questions, you will be prompted to add any final notes or useful information about your observation. Please feel free to add anything you think we should know, or anything you observed that our questions did not address. You will also be asked to send any photos you took to – these will help with our ongoing photo-ID project and we may even be able to identify the animal(s) you saw!
● Your device should automatically fill in the GPS coordinates for your location when you open the harbor porpoise form, but you can change them manually—for example, if you fill out the form after you have moved away from where you saw the porpoises.
● Don’t forget to [Upload] your entry when you’ve finished, or it will just remain on your device as a draft.
● As soon as you [Upload] your observation, Epicollect5 will add a point with embedded data to an online map of the central Salish Sea and islands!

And that’s it – it really is that simple! Your sighting data will help us build a better picture of where harbor porpoises are travelling within (and beyond!) the Salish Sea, and what they are doing in different areas.

A huge thank you to our friends over at Kwiat for helping to develop our PacMam Harbor Porpoise form, and to the creators of Epicollect5 for making such an easy to use product!