Send Us Photos & Sighting Information

If you’re out and happen to see harbor porpoises or harbor seals, let us know!  We need your help to build a better picture of where harbor porpoises and harbor seals are going in the Salish Sea.

Just download the PacMam Sighting Sheet and use the steps below to record any time you see harbor porpoises or harbor seals.  Send your sightings in via email, or take a picture of the sighting sheet and send a photo instead. 

Click to download: PacMam Harbor Porpoise Sighting Sheet

  1. If you can, snap a picture and send it to us. This can be tricky, but if you manage it we might even be able to identify the animals you saw!
  2. Make a note of the date, time, and location where you saw the animals.
  3. Record environmental conditions at the time of the sighting if possible (e.g. temperature, sun/cloud cover, sea state, tidal state, etc.)
  4. Note whether the porpoises or seals you observed were engaged in any specific behaviors (e.g. wake-surfing, foraging, etc.).
  5. If you can, estimate numbers of porpoises or seals observed.

Send your photos and/or sighting information to us via email at

Volunteer With PacMam!

Do you love being outdoors? Have an interest in science? Want to build your resume? Volunteer with PacMam and help us conduct vital research on resident marine mammals, share your knowledge with community members at fun local events, and learn more about being a marine biologist!

We welcome volunteers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and have a wide variety of different jobs and tasks you can help with. Here are some of the things you could do as a PacMam volunteer:

  • Fieldwork: help with our research in the field by recording data, scanning for/spotting marine mammals, and assisting researchers with data collection (NOTE: this includes a short hike over uneven ground and sitting outside for 2 hours). [Also see above for how to submit your own sightings to assist with our research.]

  • Data Entry: (office-based) enter data, crop and rename photos, add to database, process photos for naming, etc.

  • Help At Events: share PacMam’s mission and work with the public at various community events! Join us at fun festivals and events by manning the PacMam booth, sharing our work and mission with the public, and informing interested individuals about harbor porpoises and harbor seals in the Salish Sea.

  • Education: specifically interested in helping with our educational outreach efforts? Contact us today to discuss ways to become involved in these programs!

  • Administrative/Accounting: do you have a background in administration or accounting and want to give back to the community? Contact us to discuss ways you can help us at PacMam!